Tori Spelling’s Party Favorites – Rice Krispies Treats & Hello Kitty

Photo Courtesy of Edible Gifts Plus

Tori Spelling’s Party Favorites – Rice Krispies Treats & Hello Kitty.  
We all know that Tori Spelling loves Hello Kitty after throwing daughter Stella a Hello Kitty themed birthday party.  Do you know what one of Tori Spelling’s favorite party treats is?  Rice Krispies Treats! Enter to Win  Hello Kitty stuff!


by tori spelling and edible gifts plus

Photo Courtesy of Edible Gifts Plus

Tori gave out custom made Rice Krispy treats at Stella’s first birthday party, guests at Stella’s third birthday party were treated to Rice Krispy Treats dipped in liquid nitrogen and guests at Tori and Dean’s wedding dipped Rice Krispy Treats into chocolate.    It’s clear that Tori loves her Rice Krispy Treats!   We thought it would be fun to combine Tori’s love of Rice Krispy Treats with her love of Hello Kitty, for a fun treat that’s easy to create. Click here to purchase your own treats at get a 15% discount EGP15 .
To create these sweet treats you will need Rice Krispy Treats (the premade ones work great!), melting chocolate such as Wilton’s Melts, sprinkles and sugar decorations which can be purchased at most party stores, craft stores and even many grocery stores.   If you want to put your treats on a stick, creating Rice Krispy Treat Pops, you can do that as well.
After unwrapping your Rice Krispy Treats, melt your chocolate according to package directions.  If you are using sticks, dip each stick into the melted chocolate, and then insert the stick into the Rice Krispy Treat.   Let this set up, which will secure the Rice Krispy Treat on the stick.

Next you will cover your Rice Krispy Treats with the melted chocolate.   You can cover the entire treat, or just spoon some chocolate on the top.  After that add some sprinkles and sugar decorations to the top, and you have a treat that Tori Spelling would love!


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